Thank you for visiting my campaign website.

I am running as a Democrat in the House of Representatives, Seat B.

I have been a public servant my entire career, as an educator, researcher, and advocate for Alzheimer’s disease. Serving in public office is a privilege, not a right and I believe my experience has prepared me to fulfill the role as a legislator successfully. A sampling of this experience includes serving as a Boise School District Board Trustee, working with our current District 19 legislators, and having successfully passed a state-wide strategic plan for Alzheimer’s disease through the legislature. In addition, I have continued to remain involved in my own community by serving on the North End Neighborhood Association, the leadership counsel for the Greater Idaho chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, steering committee member for Boise Neighbor-2-Neighbor Network, and steering committee member for the Idaho Alzheimer’s Planning Group.

Why am I running?  Idaho has the lowest wages in the nation, and ranks 50th in per-capita income and wage increases since 2007. In addition, Idaho ranks 50th in per-pupil investment and 47th out of 50 in the percentage of high school graduates who attend college. I believe Idaho should be aiming higher and it’s time to realize that a better education system is critical to fill higher-paying jobs.  With your support, I will strive to make the necessary improvements in education that are needed to move our state forward.


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Troy Rohn